Rider 2024.1.2 lags when navigating code with arrow keys. No custom plugins enabled.


After upgrading Rider from 2024.1.2 the arrow keys have a noticeable delay when pressed multiple times.
Did not have that on 2024.1.1 as far as I remember.
Can this be some rogue keyboard binding that causes the editor to wait and see how many times an arrow key is pressed ?
I have no custom plugins enabled.
What is the easiest way to rollback to 2024.1.1 ?


I installed 2024.1.1 and opened same (small) solution. Issue is gone. So something has changed in 2024.1.2 that makes the editor lag when pressing arrow up or down repeatedly.


Hello, Nielsson Consulting

Could you please collect (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) the IDE logs, share them via the JetBrains Uploads service, and write here the ID you receive? I want to check if any related errors are reported in the logs. 


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