How to show custom inspection errors in project tree.



I'm currently having an issue with a project where people are pushing code without realising that it goes against our custom inspection errors. 

If I marked something like duplicate code as an error in the inspections tab, I would want to see the file with a red underline on the project tree.

A big issue we are having is that some people use Spring Tool Suite (STS) and others use Intellij. STS will not let you run a project if auto-boxing in present in the project, while Intellij allows it. Therefore, we are having people on Intellij push code with auto-boxing, not realising it is an issue as it isn't marked on the project tree. Ideally, we would prevent the project from running on Intellij too but just having these custom inspections show in the file tree would help significantly. 

Is there any way we can show these custom inspection errors highlighted in the project tree?

Thanks for your help.

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Currently, it is not supported.
Files are highlighted in the project tree only when there are compiler errors. Inspections work on the open files only for performance reasons. To find inspection errors/warnings in all project files, use Code > Inspect Code > Whole Project. The operation can take a long time to complete, depending on the project size.

We have a pretty old feature request for this on our issue tracker: However, it has not been planned for implementation yet.


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