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Hello A feature that I'd like to have in diagrams it's to create our own digrams that we can organize as we want, and not that a layout organize the tables. In the same ideas, it could be nice to put just the tables that we want and not automatically import all tables relied on with the one we choose.

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Damien Polizzi ,  thank you for your feedback.

I looked through our issue tracker and found there are similar requests:

Please, follow and upvote them to be up to date. 


If you select several tables and run “Show Diagram” - only they will be added. Also you may open diagram for single table and remove it to start with the empty structure.


It's not exact, when you rigtclick on the table it import all tables that have some foreign key on. And after the tables lined to the other tables and so on… on  multiple level, it makes rapidly some big diagrams. Then you have to delete what you don't want.

There is one other problem, the connectors are just below and under the tables, not to their side. So making a nice diagram is difficult, I can tell, impossible.

And then, if you want to arrange correctly your diagram, you cannot save it because of the layout : when you reopen the diagram the layout replace it without asking you anything.


I can tell, that IntelliJ could inspired by DBeaver that makes some very nice diagrams. It's near the only thing that makes me use the both tools.


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