How to Troubleshoot DataGrip MySQL Connection Issues?

I've been encountering some roadblocks while trying to establish a connection between DataGrip and a MySQL database. Despite diligently following the standard setup procedures, I keep running into an error that's hindering my progress.

Has anyone else faced similar connection challenges with DataGrip and MySQL? Could there be specific settings or configurations within DataGrip that might be overlooked, leading to this issue? Additionally, are there any known bugs or limitations in DataGrip that could potentially cause such connection hiccups?

Moreover, I'm wondering if there's a method to enable more detailed logging or diagnostic information in DataGrip to aid in troubleshooting this issue further.

I'd be incredibly grateful for any insights or suggestions from the community to help me resolve this connection puzzle. Thank you all in advance for your valuable assistance and expertise!

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Please share additional details, such as what error is shown. Also, logs are available at Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data.

You can reproduce the error and share the logs related directly here or upload the entire zip folder at and share it's uploadID


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