Database export: can't see any "Export with 'bcp'" option


I would like to export data from my MSSQL database. There is a help article mentioning a bcp export option:

I have installed the bcp tool, but when I try to follow step 1:
In the Database tool window ( View | Tool Windows | Database) , right-click the table that you want to export your data from and select Import/Export | Export with 'bcp'.

there is no Export with ‘bcp’ option. What am I missing?
I am running IntelliJ Idea Ultimate 2024.1.2 on MacOS 13.6.6, and the MSSQL database resides at a webhost.

Hi Aram,

This could have been a regression:

I was able to reproduce it in the Intellij IDEA 2024.1.X versions, too. To continue our investigation, please upload the logs from Help - Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data onto our FTP Provide the upload id in your reply.

Thanks, the upload id is 2024_06_04_26tWRDzyHWCmoVVDxB4NNY

I get a 404 when going to the youtrack url that you provided.

Hi Aram,

We are currently investigating it. Unfortunately, there's nothing suspicious found in your logs so we are trying to debug it remotely on a machine where we had this issue accidentally reproduced.

We'll inform you as soon as we proceed and have more essential information about the cause.

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