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My apologies for asking what most likely is an extreme newbie question, but I'm at a loss for next steps.  I'm following CLion/Docker tutorials to familiarize myself and am struggling with adding the Docker toolchain.  In particular, locally created images are not listed in the Docker toolchain image drop down.

 from alpine:latest

RUN apk add --update gcc g++ clang gdb cmake make ninja autoconf automake dos2unix tar rsync python3 \
 && rm -rf /tmp/* /var/cache/apk/*

Build: $ docker build -t Hayseed/alpine:2.0 -f Dockerfile .

docker images and docker desktop show Hayseed/alpine:2.0 image, but the CLion Docker tool chain does not (Build,Execution…>ToolChains Docker.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

CLion 2024.1.2

Docker 26.1.3

Docker Desktop 4.30.0

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My mistake.  Changing the default builder from ‘desktop-linux' to ‘docker’  in docker desktop made this problem go away.


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