DataGrip Snowflake - Infinite Introspection

Using snowflake and when auto-introspection is performed,  it loops on the last database I have selected for introspection.  I have to manually cancel it each time.

I've rebuilt/repair IDE , tried various config options in the introspection menu.  Anyone else having this issue?

Build Specs below  

Snowflake JDBC driver 3.14.4

DataGrip 2024.1.3
Build #DB-241.17011.41, built on May 14, 2024
Runtime version: 17.0.11+1-b1207.23 amd64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
Windows 10.0
Non-Bundled Plugins:
 com.vecheslav.darculaDarkerTheme (1.2.0)
 bundled-datagrip-help (241.17011.41)
 org.intellij.plugins.markdown (241.17011.41)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.core (241.17011.79)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.binary.files (241.14494.158)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.rfs (241.17011.79)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.metastore.core (241.14494.158)
 org.yseasony.sqlgenerator (2.2.1)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.spark (241.15989.21)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.zeppelin (241.14494.158)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.kafka (241.14494.158)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools.flink (241.14494.158)
 com.intellij.bigdatatools (241.14494.158)


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Hi Matt,

Please upload the following logs onto our FTP and include the upload id in your response

 - idea log from Help - Show Log in Files

- database log from Help - Show SQL Log in Files

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