PyCharm Debugger does not work as usual on breakpoints nor step into



I'm facing an issue lately when working on PyCharm and trying to use the debugger, previously when using the debugger and wherever I put a breakpoint (no matter which package of my project I put the breakpoint) if the code passes for that file and line of code the debugger stopped there and let me inspect the data, and also when clicking on the step into button I was able to visit the implementation of the methods, but since some weeks ago I'm facing the issue that no matter how many breakpoints I add or put in my code even in the file that is the entry point of my project the debugger does not stop to inspect, in some cases if I add one line (just pressing enter and save) then the breakpoint is recognized, so I have to add blank spaces everywhere to be able to stop and inspect (which is annoying I guess), but the other issue is that after adding the blank paces and the debugger stops if I click on step-into button it does not visit the implementation for debugging. Is there anything I need to do in the configuration of the application for solving this? or is this an issue in the newer version of PyCharm? Hopefully there is a solution for this, since debugging was what I liked from PyCharm.


Which Python version are you running? Also what environment are you using? virtualenv,conda?

If possible share a quick snippet code where we can reproduce it


Please make sure that you're on the latest PyCharm 2024.1.3 as well.


Python 3.12.1

pyenv + virtualenenv wrapper 

PyCharm 2024.1.3 Build #PY-241.17890.14


I would like to share a snippet code, but unfortunately this happens with any kind of code I want to debug, so whatever I use to debug presents the same issue, the breakpoints are not recognized.



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