Pulling changes from branch A into branch B


Say I'm working in a branch called dev_branch and in the repository there's another branch called prod_branch which can be considered a master or parent branch. In my dev_branch I am making changes to add a new future while prod_branch is the main branch I want to pull changes from to keep updated.

Is it possible to use the PyCharm VCS tools to pull changes from prod_branch (which lies in the repo) into my local dev_branch?

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Hi Pablo. Here is a screencast on branching that should show what you need to do. In a nutshell:

  • Switch to prod_branch
  • Pull (to get remote changes into your local)
  • Switch back to dev_branch
  • In the branches menu bottom right of screen, select prod_branch -> merge (or rebase onto)
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Hi JetBrains. I would like to see these four steps more automated - at least for git. In git you can execute 'git pull origin prod_branch' while switched to dev_branch, which does there four steps for you. However if you run it this way, you will not get PyCharm's graphical merging, which I personally love.

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yes, i just looked for a solution for that auto-merge-master-into-local-branch-to-keep-updated. 


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