Files in Project panel turn invisible sometimes

At random times, some of the files in the Project panel will turn invisible. I can still select and open them but can't see the name or icon.

It seems to have started around the time I changed the colour scheme under Editor > Colors & Fonts, though I've since changed it back to Default and the problem persists, so not sure if it's related.

In fact, I just realised it's only the more recently created files that do it. Like there was a certain point in time when the problem started and only files created after this point are affected.


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This is an old issue:

Unfortunately it's not addressed yet.

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Forgot to mention, I'm using PhpStorm 2016.2.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 with the MATE desktop.

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I fixed it by deleting the .idea folder and instead of opening the project importing it, and overriding existing settings.


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