GWT JSNI Code Completion?


Hey guys,

I'm using IntelliJ since a year now. What I still did not figure out is how to use code completion when writing GWT JSNI Methods.

After writing public native void doSomething I would expect IntelliJ to complete the crappy GWT native JSNI syntax:


Currently that doesn't happen.

I always have to write this strange symbols on my I missing something (shortcut etc.) or is that a missing piece?


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Hello Jan,

we have a special action 'Complete Current Statement' (Ctrl+Shift+Enter for Windows/Linux, Cmd+Shift+Enter for Mac) which inserts closing parenthesis after method calls, adds curly braces for if/while/... statements, adds semicolons etc. If it is invoked in GWT client code after 'public native void doSomething()' it'll insert the comment in JSNI format.


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