jQuery dollar sign usage warns "Missing AMD module dependency".

I've added the jQuery library to my project and calling functions like `jQuery.extend()` doesn't give me any warnings, however using the dollar sign (e.g. `$.extend()`) does. I've searched around and tinkered with some things but to no avail. Anyone know how to resolve this by chance? :)

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can't recreate. What libraries do you have enabled? Please ctrl+click on '$' - what files are opened? What WebStorm version do you use?

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Hi Elena, thanks for responding!

Currently I have the following libraries enabled:

  • jasmine-DefinitelyTyped (Global)
  • jasmine-jquery-DefinitelyTyped (Global)
  • jquery-DefinitelyTyped (Global)
  • node_modules (Predefined)
  • HTML (Predefined)
  • HTML5 / ECMAScript 5 (Predefined)

I did ctrl+click and it just brought up the "right click" menu. I'm on a Mac though so I wasn't sure if you wanted me to try cmd+click which takes me to the TypeScript definition file.

As far as the WebStorm version I'm using WebStorm 2016.2.3, Build #WS-162.1812.21, built on September 4, 2016.

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still can't recreate. sample project would be helpful... Problem may be related to installed node_modules


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