RSpec stopped wroking all of a sudden


I have no idea what is wrong with Rubymine, but since this morning I cannot run a single RSpec anymore in my IDE.

Running the command from the commandline works without a problem:


However, when I try the same using the IDE, by clickin the RSpec file and run the command I get the following:


I double checked my configurations and NOTHING changed, all paths are the same.

This is really vexing me at the moment. Nothing changed on my system and it was all working fine yesterday

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could you please check how it goes in RubyMine 2016.3 EAP? If it fails the same, would it possible to provide a project sample for reproduce?

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At the moment it seems to be working again.

It appears the output is more confusing then it should be. If something fails during the RSpec initialization, these weird errors are produced.


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