column Variables empty while trying to debug file.

I'm watching  Debugging PHP with PhpStorm 

In a moment when author start debug a file it looks like this on video:


In my case its looks like this: (File is openning in Chrome browser but in PhpStrom Variables column is empty and I can't move to next breakpoint)

PhpStrom recognize Xdebug:

Chrome (have Xdebug helper extension installed.) is opening when I start debug file.





















Hi there,

You have initiated debug procedure for a *wrong language*.

Right now you are debugging JavaScript (well, at least trying to) and not PHP...



Thank You. (did not configure it, I think JavaScript was deafult choose)


is there any full step by step article what to do to start debuging a file in a jetbrains documentation? or there are topics split in different documentation sections that i need to hunt? I'm not sure what are all steps I need to do.


Thanks. (It was't so obvoius to find that via google.)


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