Failed to add support for multiple languages in one plugin




I am working on a custom language plugin and i encountered a problem i could not solve this far.

I would like to add highlighting support for three languages.

I have no problem with only one language but when I try to add multiple languages all the defined file types are evaluated based on the language that is defined first in my FileTypeFactory implementation.

My FileTypeFactory:

The relevant part of my plugin.xml:


Same icon and highlighting for all the file types (ag4). 


Please let me know if you have any ideas on this.



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why are "antlr" and "mgen" underlined? any messages when you hover over them?

could you post links to filetype class code?

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problem solved :)

i discovered that in my filetype classes the getName() and getDesciption() returned the same value for all languages (copy-paste)

i corrected it and now everything is fine

thank you very much for you answer, you pointed me in the right direction :)


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> problem solved :)

:) well done


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