Fullscreen and Distraction-Free for only part of the screen? Ultrawide monitor


I'm wondering if it's possible to manually set bounds for the fullscreen window rather than it filling the entire display. I have an ultrawide monitor and I would love to take advantage of the niceties of fullscreen and distraction-free layouts but I'd also like to see the browser window when I'm doing web development. There's plenty of horizontal space!!  Vertical space is precious though.


There are some third-party tools that allow to split your display into several virtual displays (like DisplayFusion for Windows). As for IntelliJ IDEA, there is no such option.


Thanks Serge, looks like Display Fusion is more for merging multiple monitors into one where I'm stuck with the problems on the other side of the coin. 

I looked into some desktop splitting software and it seems like they allow you to "maximize" windows to a partition of the screen but my intuition tells me they're just resizing the window and not relying on built in Windows maximize. Likewise I'd assume IntelliJ is looking at the display size which software wouldn't be able to lie about. 

I haven't actually installed any 3rd party stuff so I'm just making assumptions.

I just did some toying around with the Window API in c++ (I'm on windows) and to my delight, I can reposition and resize a fullscreen IntelliJ window that way. I think I'll go down this road and write a lightweight windows service for my own need/wants.


You can try WindowManager that can reposition/resize windows according to presets and switch layouts with shortcuts.


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