Help - Pycharm installed Windows XP, console error...


 I have installed Pycharm 2016.1 on Windows XP, 

-Python version 2.3.5;

but the python console of Pycharm is not enabled as below picture. Is there any professor know that how to deal with it ?


Keymaps of settings can not be shown the full charater. As below picture:

Thanks a  lot in advance!

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PyCharm doesn't support python version 2.3.5, we provide support for python version > 2.4.

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Hello, No.2 has been solved. But NO.1 question steel open, Is there anybody can help me?


Thanks in advance!

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And when I debug a code, there are so many errors on debug window as below:

Anybody met it before?



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Hello, Anna

Thanks for yoour kindly clarification, I reinstalled the python version 2.7.8.

But the python console still can be started as above picture1. Also the "Debug" function not running well.

Could you help give some ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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