Version 10.0.04 to Version 2016.1 Update

Hi Everyone!

Is there a posibility to upgrade PHP Storm Version 10.0.4 to Version 2016.1 without have to reload all my projects from the server?

Best regards, Andrea

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Hi there,

Just install new version (in separate folder if you still have older version installed) and launch it.

On first launch it will ask if you want to import settings from previous version (if you have not deleted them when removing old version, which you should not have done) -- import them, you may now need to update plugins (IDE will offer it automatically).

Once these basic steps are done you just keep working as usual -- all projects will be there where you had them in previous version. But in case if you do not see particular project on your Welcome screen (when all projects are closed) .. just use "Open" and point to the folder with the project root -- IDE fill see ".idea" subfolder (project settings are stored there) and will open it as before.


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