Laravel Plugin in phpStorm for Mac not found after installation

Hey all,

i've installed phpStorm and Laravel Plugin in on my Mac yesterday. So, the plugin installation process told me i should restart my phpStorm Application. But i miss the laravel plugin settings where i can enable laravel for my project. (In Windows is: phpStorm > Default Settings > PHP > Laravel (but the last it isn't there on my mac)) The plugin is still installed.


Thanks in advanced.

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Hi there,

"File | Default Settings" is for new future projects only -- they do not affect existing projects in any way. Plus, not every plugin/functionality offers default settings.

For current project the settings should be accessed via:

"File | Settings" on Windows/Linux and "PhpStorm | Preferences" on Mac

I'm not using Laravel myself, so cannot say the rest of the path for Laravel settings, but in theory they should be under "Languages & Frameworks | PHP | Laravel"


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