Way to extend SearchEverywhereAction


I try to build plugin that replicate XCode functionality. XCode has very useful thing - Assistant View. It helps to display two files in the one window. Intellij IDEA can split window to two or more groups. But group management is not so good as in Xcode.
I wrote common functionality for AssistantView for IDEA. For example if I click on file in FileNavigator with simple click - file will opened in first group. If I hold Option key and click on file - file will opened in second group. It is works fine.

The problem that I want to extend SearchEverywhereAction. I want to add handler for SearchEverywhereAction that can handle "Enter" key and "Option Enter" and can't find the way how to do this. The only way to write own SearchEverywhereAction or copy it. But I think it is not perfect way to solve the problem.

I will be very appreciate if you will give a hand with this.

Thank you!

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