IDE hangs after first Subversion Checkout


I have had an issue with Intellij versions 14, 15 and 2016 (now 2016.1.3) where, after checking out a project from subversion, the IDE will invariably hang for 5 or so minutes, with the last status message reading "Refreshing VCS History". During this time the IDE completely locks up. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference how large the project is, the time it hangs for is always around 5 minutes.

I have tried checking and unchecking use command line client, it's always the same behaviour. 

Subsequent svn commits or updates do not cause the IDE to lock up and do not take a significant amount of time to complete.

Is there any way to change or disable this behaviour on the first checkout? It is a particular problem as I work in a middleware environment with around 400 integration modules and checking these out during support days is time consuming.

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This looks like the following issue:

However this should happen not only on checlout, but on Merge and some other operations.

To confirm please submit a new bug at and attach product log and full Thread dump, collected when the issue occurs.


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