PHPStorm 2016.2 - Open Files scope - does it exist?

So I asked this question a while ago, "is there an open files scope?" and it seemed like there wasn't.

But I've just checked the 2016 help, and it looks like it's been included!

The new scopes of interest appear to be:

  • Favorite '<name>'. This scope corresponds to a list of favorite items with the specified name.
  • Open files. This scope corresponds to the files opened in PhpStorm editor.
  • Selected files. This scope corresponds to the files currently selected in PhpStorm

However, I can't see them in my copy of PHPStorm 2016.2.

Do they exist?

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PhpStorm 2016.2.1

Available since 2012 (or even 2011 .. at least in IntelliJ IDEA)

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Does that not extend to the Project pane? 

I have Changed Files, but not Open Files, or Selected Files - which would be AWESOME for minimising clutter!

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I'm not going to re-type this for a 3rd time ... (forum crash/discarded my message)

But in short:

1) Search context is where it was requested the most (based on what I remember as I have commented/voted on such tickets myself)

2) Here are few tickets that would benefit from such scope in Project View:

3) I could not find exact match for your request (too many results, often unrelated), but you can do your own search at

4) Feel free to submit Feature Request ticket of none of the existing match your needs -- I would vote for such stuff.


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Hey Andriy,

Sorry about that!

I'll do that. Thanks very much for your insight and reply,




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