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I'm Python developer used to use Spyder IDE under Linux.

I discover recently Pycharm and I love it.

I develop classes for scientists who are not all developers and they love the dynamic help in Spyder which produce well formatted documentation of Numpy for example with boxes, examples, titles, ...

You have the equivalent in Pycharm but the result is less friendly. The documentation of my classes use the numpydoc sphinx style sheet.

Could it be possible to get a nicer reStructured text interpreter to get module helps for users oriented than developers oriented ?



Sebastien LEONARD



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Hi Sebastien! Sorry for such an awfully late reply.

We indeed support numpydoc docstring format and render corresponding sections, tables and formulas using bundled Napoleon and docutils packages, but I admit that it's rather limited compared to what Spyder can.

Could you please create a ticket in our issue tracker with a few examples of desired look? I mean a few screenshots with differences between how Spyder and PyCharm display documentation for the same symbol.

Also I don't quite understand what you meant by saying "dynamic help in Spyder" and "module helps for users oriented than developers oriented". These scientists still use Spyder themselves, don't they?



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