Option to mute an inspection locally gone?

At some point the inspections had an option to disable them. Either for the project as a whole, or insert a special comment above the offending line that would mute it for that context.

However, in RubyMine 2016.2.3 I don't see that option anymore.

I'm not sure when the option disappeared. Is this an intended change? (If so, why?) If not, is it a known bug? Or some configuration one have to do to get it back?

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Please use right arrow to open the 'Rename' intention options and choose 'Suppress for ...' there.

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Oh - that was really unexpected. I'm not sure how you would expect people to use the Arrow key on the keyboard and get a different result than clicking the menu item. The menu item itself has a Right arrow indicating there is a sub-menu - but instead it just initiate the Rename function.

(Didn't these inspections always give you the full menu before?)

I really think that the keyboard to access that menu is non-intuitive - I'd suggest a different way to expose it that makes it more discoverable. I only persistet to look for it because I thought I'd used it differently in the past.

Btw, the Suppress for statement on this line yielded an odd result:

I did not expect it to inject it in mid-line. I would have expected it to insert it above the line I was on. (I've seen this before with other inspections.)


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