Keyboard accent keys not working

Hi all,

I have just installed WebStorm IDE. While trying the software I found out I wasn't able to get quotes (single or double) to display. When I clicked the quote key on the keyboard nothing happened. I then found out that pretty much all the accent keys weren't working inside WebStorm.

After messing around with the app and OS trying to get it to work, I was able to get the quotes key working by changing the keyboard layout. I normally use 'English (US, alternative international)' but then changed to 'English (US)'. The problem seems to be with the alternative layout. But every other application, including text editors, does not have that problem. 
I use the 'alternative international' layout because I usually type in both English and Portuguese so it enables me to write letters such as á, é, ã, etc... while still being able to type quotes, and other symbols available in English.

It strikes me as odd for an editor with support for numerous types of encoding.

I could just stick with 'English (US)' but then I would I type something an accented word inside WebStorm?

Can somebody help me with this?

Thank you.

PS: I am using Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 based distro).

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Known issue, please follow and linked tickets for updates


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