Feature Idea: better Manage Project dialog


I don't expect to see this post gain much traction, but I thought it would be interesting to post anyway.

I would love to see the Manage Project dialog get a little love:




It's currently very limited, essentially:

  • not resizable
  • closes when any item is clicked
  • can't multi-select items
  • all commands (move, group, etc) are only accessible from right click


It seems to me that there's an opportunity for a new dialog that could solve a bunch of tasks in Web / PHPStorm:

  • Better display of project file items
  • Better selection, movement, reordering, grouping functionality
  • Allows management of all open projects (including "Maximise All" on a Mac! I am forever doing this when I take my mac to and from work)
  • Buttons for Create Project, etc, to be shown at all times 
  • Resizable, etc
  • Maybe favourites and search
  • Auto-cleanup of missing projects

 I can't tell you how often I change projects between work and home, and each time it's a real chore:

  • Going to File > Open Recent > Project
  • Waiting for project to open
  • Maximising the window (Mac, sadly :( )
  • Repeating for some projects that have 2 projects (back and front, or plugin and test suite - both work and home at the moment!)

Sometimes I have 4 project windows open!

As I said, just a thought, but I'd be interested to see what others think!



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We already have feature requests for most of these suggestions - please see tickets linked to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-139038. Please feel free to vote/add your comments/submit new feature requests if anything is missing

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Crikey, that's a long ticket!

Thanks :)


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