PyCharm svn not detecting local file changes


   I am running PyCharm on Windows 10 supporting a Django application stored in svn.  I have set up the svn connectivity and can browse my repo just fine (I can see tags/branches/etc that are not on my local system).  The problem is that when I make changes to local files, PyCharm never sees any local changes and thus I cannot commit them. I can svn diff them on the command line, check them in, etc, but PyCharm does not seem to be able to see the changes.

   I will note two things that are a little different from the usual with my project.  First, I did not check the files out with PyCharm and second the PyCharm project is only aware of a sub-directory of the checkout.  For example, the svn repo might be: and I check out something like  The files on my local machine might be {somepath}/trunk/proj1/pysource/djangoroot  The .idea directory is in the djangoroot directory and PyCharm only applies to files below that point.  

   So, is there a problem with this type of project setup?  Do I need some additional configuration options/how do I debug this?  I need the rest of the files in the checkout to fully run the system and if I use PyCharm at the {somepath}/trunk level, it cannot handle the scope of the project(s) it encompasses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PyCharm 2016.2.3
Build #PY-162.1967.10, built on September 7, 2016


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