Merge Conflict Tool does not open


 After a recent update, my Merge Conflict Tool for GIT is not opening.  Whether I right click on a file and choose GIT -> Resolve Conflicts or select VCS -> GIT -> Resolve Conflicts, no dialog pops open.  There are 4 files in my merge attempt that are conflicted.  Yes, I could do it manually, but the tool does make it easier and I would like to use it.

I've tried shutting down and reopening the IntelliJ IDEA a number of times.  Particularly, after the latest patch was installed, I had to close and open about 3 times to get the plugins and project settings synchronized (or whatever it was doing).  I even uninstalled IntelliJ Idea (drag app icon from Applications to the trash can) and reinstalled it from the downloaded file. I've disabled the GIT plugin, restarted, enabled GIT plugin, restarted and still nothing.

IntelliJ Idea 2016.2.4
Mac OS X 10.11

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Please make sure the window is not opened on another screen and/or with 1px size.

If it is not, please submit a support case and attach zippedlogs folder:


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