Adding Java support to Webstorm?


It does not seem right for people who are using both Java and Javascript to have to run Webstorm and Community side by side. What's the recommended solution for this, short of buying Ultimate Edition for everybody? Perhaps there is a Java plugin to install, that can be pulled off Community?

Thank you

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Thank you for a quick answer Serge.

That's sort of cost-prohibitive, for a large number of licenses, if you just want is Javascript/Typescript with occasional Java. Hard to justify ~$500 per seat just for the convenience of packaging an inexpensive product together with a free product. 

Have you guys considered selling plug-ins? E.g a for-pay Webstorm plugin for Community Edition? Or is it too tightly integrated?

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@Irina Rapoport I totally agree! Would love a plugin that just made all this jus work.

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It is pretty ridiculous to pay for a $100 Webstorm license and in order to get Java support I have to run the free community edition separately. This is especially ridiculous when the suggested solution is to pay $500 for an Ultimate edition license just to be able to run it in one program, doesn't make much sense at all.

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The only option is to use IDEA Ultimate.


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