Change custom keymap with META -> CTRL


I have a custom keymap, I've exported it form Mac and would like to use on Linux.

Can I bath change all META to CTRL while keeping all other bindings I've created? 



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Hi there,

Well ... keymap stored in xml config file -- you can edit that file and do such find-replace there (while IDE is closed, of course).

One note though: you have created your keymap by using another (pre-defined) one as a base. This means that your keymap will only contain the difference (the changes you have made to original keymap); hence you will be able to do such replacement only for shortcuts defined in that file.

In short -- partial replacement should be no problem at all; full replacement -- not possible (very unlikely) and you will have to re-define all needed shortcuts manually (unless META on Linux will work the same as CTRL).

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Thank you for the answer!

This kind of suck though - It would be great if guys at JetBrains came up with some universal keymaps. Or one click to convert CMD to CTRL if moving between Mac and other devices...For me looks like I'll have to make it from scratch.



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Hi, I've done something similar using the one here as a base


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