In place updates feature request

Pretty please can we have in place updates for IDEA based IDEs? The current process feels really clunky :(

When I get a notification that there is a new update I just want to click a button and it installs.

I don't want to be redirected to a web page to download the package and then open it, install it, run it, confirm import of old settings from previous version.


We do provide patch updates, but they are only available for minor subsequent releases (like 10.1->10.2). You can't use patches to upgrade to a new major release due to massive changes, different configuration directory, etc. We do not plan to support such updates in the future


So, I just opened RubyMine, on this machine I have 2016.2.1 installed. I get a notification, RubyMine is ready to update to 2016.2.4 which I have to download.

Are you saying if I was on version 2016.2.3 that the 2016.2.4 version would be a patch update and would auto install, but because I don't have the most recent previous version that is not the case?


Yes, there is no direct update from 2.1 to 2.4.

Note that sometimes updates are not available for subsequent releases as well, but such cases are rather rare and mostly caused by broken configuration on updates server


It is a shame the previous patches can't be installed in order so I could automatically go 2.1 -> 2.2 -> 2.3 -> 2.4.

To someone using RubyMine day in day out I can see how this probably isn't much of an issue, but I have the full JetBrains subscription, use multiple JetBrains IDEs and Resharper is VS.Net, sometimes not that frequently on 2 different machines, so doing the update dance is a bit tedious. The way Sublime handles it is great.


Anyway, thanks for your replies


I also don't like to do update dance :P


We have a corresponding feature request, please add your vote there:


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