Persisting State of Components not working

Well, its not working. GetState gets called and it returns data, but when i open the project again its empty. I also don't find any information in my intellij logs.

I obtain the service via 

ModuleServiceManager.getService(module, classOf[HPackageModule])

its registered as 

<!-- Module HPackage -->
<moduleService serviceImplementation="com.haskforce.system.packages.HPackageModule"/>

and here are the relevant classes:

the main state wrapper is

the interface for the wrapped state is here (HPackageState)

and the implementing class is here 

here is my service:

i am not quite sure if i got the annotation right, but i don't find any persitet xml-data in any file in the project.


its not calling loadState.

I don't think i retrieve all logs for plugin development. Is there a way to enable logging for plugin development (i debug it via the plugin run configuration)?


this should work:

<projectService id="serviceA"

ServiceA imp = ServiceManager.getService(project, IServiceA.class).Get()



ok, i solved it, but i only got Strings working (just encoded everything in strings). I think @Attribute is also needed. If anybody has similar problems the code linked above can help.


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