Pycharm - IPython Notebook Issue


Hello all,


I'm brand new to Python. I started off with PyCharm for a day, and then the course I'm taking recommended using IPython / Jupyter, which I also installed. Each work as expected separately.

In my searching, I found that I can run notebooks in PyCharm. I have created a new notebook, which looks as it does in my browser (sans some graphics), with one exception:

  • When I run a cell, the first time, nothing happens. The In box has no number in it, and there is no Out box. I then click the cell, re-run it, and it gives me output, however the In and Out are then marked as 2. Go to another blank In cell, same thing occurs. 

What do I need to adjust to get this to work properly?

Also is there a specific PyCharm IRC channel everyone uses?

Thank you

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I failed to mention, I am running this on Ubuntu 16.04 with the default Python 2.7 installed, plus my own installation of 3.5.

Also, FWIW, when I then open the notebook in my jupyter browser window, it won't open, and I get the error message:


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Hi, Brianjrohan!
Thank you for reporting the problems.
We have corresponding issues for them:

  1. Problem with cell running.
  2. Problem with corrupted notebook. It's fixed now, you could check our latest EAP.



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