File Watcher not triggering


Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up my file watcher with scss, trying to make it transpile bootstrap. However, I can't figure out why it will not trigger on anything.

My settings are:

My project structure is basically looking like (leaving out lots of bootstrap stuff):
├── css/
│   ├── bootstrap/
│   └── _bootstrap.scss
└── index.html

When running scss --no-cache --update _bootstrap.scss:_bootstrap.css on the commandline it transpiles just as expected. What am I doing wrong?


Is _bootstrap.scss the only .scss file in your project? Files with underscore prefix are treated as partials:

`If you have a SCSS or Sass file that you want to import but don’t want to compile to a CSS file, you can add an underscore to the beginning of the filename. This will tell Sass not to compile it to a normal CSS file. You can then import these files without using the underscore`

so,  no .css for such files are produced by default. You need to either rename`_bootstrap.scss` to `bootstrap.scss`, or add `COMPILE_PARTIAL=true` variable to your file watcher settings;

Also, make sure that "Track only root files" is off.

see the comments in


Thanks for explaining, I finally got it working, _bootstrap.scss was indeed not the only file in the project. Renaming _bootstrap.scss to bootstrap.scss fixed it.


Adding COMPILE_PARTIAL to the environment variables worked! This needs to be in the documentation!


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