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I have a large project that uses both PHP and VBScript (.asp files).  Because phpStorm's color coding for VBScript is so limited, I prefer to edit those files in Notepad++; so I went to Settings > File Types and added .asp to "Open With Associated Applications". Now when I double click a .asp file, it opens in Notepad++. Perfect!  Except...

PhpStorm's "Search All Files" function is still **extremely useful** for finding certain strings throughout the project.  Unfortunately, it appears that setting .asp files to open in the other app also tells PhpStorm to ignore it when searching the project.

Is there a way to have .asp files open in an external app **by default**, but still allow functions such as Search All or Replace All work for that file type?


(I'm familiar with setting External Tools, but that's cumbersome to use as often as I open ASP files.  I guess I'd like to reverse that -- open externally by default, but allow me to manually open in PhpStorm.

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Unfortunately no. Those files (opened in external app) could also be .mp4, mp3 and others which cannot be indexed correctly. That's why they're not indexed/parsed.


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