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Using pycharm 2.7 I used to have some feature activated where if there is an error, whether it be TypeError or IndexError, Pycharm would stop the code right at the place where the error is and then I could look at the variables to see what the problem is.  Instead what happens is that it will exit out of the code and tell me at what line the error is located.  I then have to go back and place at 



      'some code here

except IndexError

In order to get the code to stop where I want.  Does anyone know how I activate that feature where Pycharm stops where the error occurs?

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Hi! You are talking about Exception Breakpoints. You cab find them in Run | View Breakpoints | Python Exception Breakpoints.

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That's right Elizabeth. I would just point out exception breakpoints are different to line breakpoints.

I though Elizabeth was referring to line breakpoints and was about to report that's not solving the post, but it actually solves it. This is one of pycharm more powerfull debugging features.


I love pycharm, BTW.


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