project navigator : error highlight not visible [SOLVED]


I would like to know if it is possible to highlight, in the project navigator, files in error with something similar to the red-squigly-underline used in the top bar ? Currently, you are highlighting with "bold", which is very difficult to discern. In the example below, i 'injected' bad code in the IBAddressSpec class. As you can see, it is easy to spot at with the red-squigly underline in the top bar, but hard to see in the navigator itself.


1. did I miss a setting in the ocean of settings for the IDE ?

2. If no such setting exists, is there a currently tracked feature request I could up-vote ?



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Hi there,

It underwaves just fine for me -- must be your (modified/custom) color schema:

Check what you have got for "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General --> Errors & Warnings | Error"

Try Default color schema together with light GUI Theme

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Hello Andriy, thanks.


I had changed that to "boxed" because the 'missing colon' is nearly impossible to spot, navigate to, find with gutter highlights (on my "IDE" screen), as here : 

Not sure in which context i prefer to suffer now :).

Again, "Project navigator" is not "Editor", i fooled myself by being too 'literal' with stuff i read in your UI.


Again, how do I mark this "Answered" ?

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The best ticket I could find so far is this one: -- have a look at it and related ones.

I believe I have seen a request about having some special/dedicated style just for errors in Project View (so it's easier to discover + situation like you had -- one style that looks the best in editor and a bit different that work good in actual Project View) but it has been quite some time ago (possible 3 or so years ago) and I cannot find that ticket or thread now.

For now -- watch the aforementioned ticket. The ticket, for example, has interesting concept of how to show compile errors (last attachment) -- something similar could be used for parsing/analysis errors as well.


Post approval by admin/moderators (to deal with recent spam posts/comments) may take some time. So even if usual user (like me) will answer straight away you may see it with some delay.

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> how do I mark this "Answered" ?


Currently this can be done only by JB employees.


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