project navigator : how to turn off / remove completely the file icons


Not certain when this was introduced, but there is currently in the project navigator some icons besides the actual file names, as below;



Is there a way to turn that off ? they are refreshed on **EVERY** keystroke, and the constant flicker is distracting (very). This frill is more a boat anchor than a feature for me, and i would like to know if i can turn it off ?

1) did I miss a setting, or alternately

2) is there a 'feature' request to that effect i could upvote ?



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Hi there,

If PHP file has only one entity there (e.g. only single class/interface/trait/exception) then instead of file icon it will be showing that entity icon.

1) That's what people were asking for quite some time (similar to how it's done for Java) --

2)  AFAIK there is no such option to turn it off (at lest I do not know, possibly just missed it as well)

3) The flickering -- it's a bug (very annoying one -- -- it's fixed in 2016.3 (you can grab EAP build at any time)

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Thanks Andriy. I might just grab the EAP, just to evaluate if my current laptop (best in class at time of writing this) will be able to run a 200 slocs project :).

ps : how do I mark a 'post' as answered ?

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>ps : how do I mark a 'post' as answered ?

AFAIK only admins can do that

Other than that: you can prepend "[SOLVED]" or "[ANSWERED]" kind of text to the thread title for now


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