Create Custom Inspection Profile

I have some code inspection classes in my plugin. How can i create my own inspection profile which only uses my code inspection classes and/or disables all other code inspections provided by IDE as defaults? 

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Hi. Could you please describe use case? IDEA 2016.3 supports bundled inspections but it is experimental.

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Hi Vladimir, Thanks for getting back.

I want to have an action which is similar to Analyze->Inspect Code where we do not have the option to choose inspection Profile. I want that it should be automatically set to my custom inspection profile(Lets say I only want Java Inspections to be enabled and disable all the other Inspections). I dont want the user of my plugin to go to inspection settings and choose the plugin node and enable it and disable rest all and proceed with the analysis of Project. I want a quick shortcut kinda thing which only shows the custom inpections of my plugin when he clicks the action.

Please let me know if it can be done in any way whether building the inspection profile programatically or how can we set the InspectionProfile from externally exported Inspection Profile (xml) file. 

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