TextFieldWithBrowseButton now opens native file dialog on Mac

Sorry if this is an FAQ, but prior to 2016.3 EAP when I click on the browse button, it opened an IntelliJ file selection dialog, and all my FileChooserDescriptor settings worked. E.g. in one of my plugins I have:

final FileChooserDescriptor myDescriptor = new FileChooserDescriptor(true, false, false, false, false, false)
.withHideIgnored(true).withShowHiddenFiles(false).withFileFilter(new Condition<VirtualFile>() {
public boolean value(VirtualFile virtualFile) {
String fn = virtualFile.getName().toLowerCase();
return (fn.endsWith(".xxx") || fn.endsWith(".yyy"));

and I was only able to see and select .xxx or .yyy files. Now in 206.3 EAP I see the native OS X dialog and it allows me to see and select any file. What am I missing here?



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I forgot to mention that I use the FileChooserDescriptor in conjunction with TextFieldWIthBrowseButton control, e.g.

myText.addBrowseFolderListener("Select The File", "Select the File", project, myDescriptor);

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