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Has anyone run into the problem of not being able to create Google App Engine projects on a Windows 10 machine due to a missing path.  I get the message: "Please select App Engine SDK directory"  Unfortunately, the correct path is already highlighted.  It's the path automatically configured upon installation of the Google SDK.  The path in the system environment variables looks good.  Everything seems fine but I'm left with a grayed out create button and the error message. 

Just curious if anyone else has run into this quirk?


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Hi !

Do you use google cloud sdk or google app engine sdk?

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Hi Pardg, I figured it out myself.


1. open Google Cloud SDK Shell in Administration mode.

2. type the following: gcloud components install google-app-engine.

3 in pycharm, select C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Cloud SDK\google-cloud-sdk\platform\google_appengine

4. message should disappear.


P.S. the path exists if you install google cloud SDK for all users. Otherwise, check users/YOURNAME/appdata/local/Google/...

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It's now gcloud components install app-engine-python


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