Limit results of "Navigate to Table" to the current server and active database.

Is there an option to limit the results of Navigate to Table (CTRL+N) to the current server and/or active database?

I have connections to a number of servers, including my own development server, and all up there are 80 databases all with identical schemas.

So when I'm doing development and I want to navigate to the user table, I press Ctrl+N, type "users", I see a list of 80 results from all over. So this feature makes navigating to a table the least accessible way for me to navigate to it.

The most accessible way for me to get to a table is to type "desc users" in the console, place my cursor within "users" then press Ctrl+B, F4.

I rarely, if ever, have a single task to perform that requires interaction with two databases. And I never have a task that requires interaction with databases across two different servers.

I guess that ideally the results would be limited by the server for the active console, and the active database for that console. Or there would be some other shorthand for limiting results by database.


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I was just about to raise the same question.

some way of limiting the results to a particular server/DB would be very useful


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