docker-compose v2 support


Hi there, 


quick question. Do you have any plans of integrating docker-compose v2. That would be awesome since it would fix the mutual linking problem of container.



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Hi Ruiz!

For Python interpreters based on docker-compose configurations we have supported v2. What problem do you have exactly with it? Could you please describe it?

With best regards, Alexander

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thanks for the response. The problem description was quite vague, indeed. Perhaps just ignore my previous statement of docker-compose. I somewhat assumed the docker plugin used docker-compose under the hood.

Anyway, here is a better problem description:

We use the plugin Docker integration 2.3.3 for deving against microservices locally.
One of the problems we face, is mutual linking of containers, i.e. both containers must access each other through the Docker network.
There error we get when doing so, "cannot link to non-running container".
If I am not mistaken, this problem was indeed an issue in a previous version of Docker, which has been fixed since then and also tackeled by docker-compose v2. (v1 not)

So my question is, how can we enable mutal linking of containers, or even better use the new Docker network features which makes explicit linking of containers obsolete?

Thank you very much.


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