Intellij Scala Jupyter Notebook

Are there some kind of support planned for Scala Jupyter notebooks? There are multiple Scala kernels out there, the most popular being Apache Toree [1], and it would be really convenient to have a plugin supporting that.

I've tried PyCharm's IPython notebook feature and I've been impressed, because I could combine the IDE's nice auto-complete/suggestion features with a notebook style coding. I would be greatful for something similar for Jupyter's Scala kernel in Intellij, so I could use Intellij type hints, suggestions etc.

How hard would it be to port the PyCharm IPython notebook feature to Scala?



This is definitely a feature I would like to see myself, but so far there aren't any concrete plans to work on it. The fact that PyCharm supports it already makes the task easier, but it may still take a while.


There is an issue for this, and you're welcome to vote on it:


It would be super cool to see this working with, my current Scala kernel of choice.


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