Professional edition fails to run.


Two PCs: one running Win7 and the other running Win 10 AU. Win7 is running the community edition. Win10 is running the 30-day professional evaluation version.

Win 7 PyCharm community edition runs 100% okay.

Win 10 PyCharm Professional does not. I exported my settings from Win 7 and imported them in Win 10. That seemed to work and look okay. I copied my project from Win 7 onto Win 10 and opened it. That seems okay. When I try and run it the IDE barfs that it cannot find python.exe. I can see it on Win 7 but there's no sign of the exe on Win 10. When I installed PyCharm professional I accepted all the defaults during the installation.

Interestingly if I look in my .py file in the IDE it tells me there's a missing reference to the math module and other errors which aren't a problem on my Win 7 machine. On Win 10 I never had the community edition installed so I'm happy that there was no conflict between them. In the meantime I will uninstall PyCharm professional and install the community edition and see if it works like-for-like.

I installed PyCharm with admin rights which I have anyway.

In the meantime, does anyone know why my python.exe file is missing? I cannot find it on my Win 10 file system anywhere. Also why does it complain about the missing math import and other strange errors which aren't a problem on Win 7?

I'll uninstall the professional version and install the community version and I'll report back if I find anything. Thanks in advance but I can't shell out on a professional licence while I'm having fresh-out-of-the-box issues.

EDIT: I uninstalled professional and installed community. I get the same problem. Are there known issues running on Win 10? As I say, both PyCharm versions have the same problems. I rechecked to make sure I was in adminstrator mode. All seems tickety-boo in that department. :-)


Out of interest I copied the entire contents from Win 7: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Local\Programs\Python onto my Win 10 and the community vesion is running okay on Win 10 now.

I'd still like to hear any thoughts from the team why the installer isn't creating that folder for both the professional and community versions on Win 10. If someone has any idea I'll be happy to test things again at the installation level.


Fixed! Here's what I did.

I installed the relevant Python stuff from In my case version 3.5.2. That created the "missing" Python folder and the all-important python.exe and other chattals that get installed.

I then installed the PyCharm 2016.2 professional edition. After that, I was able to load and run my project okay.

Final observation for the JetBrains team: if PyCharm is indeed dependent on other installations could you change PyCharm's installer to check for "missing" pre-requisites and possibly display a helpful message? I think that might be helpful.



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