WebStorm Copy entire project

I have an existing project: project_1

I would like to have a copy of project_1 called project_2.

How do I create this?

I have tried various methods, but I have build errors because project_2 seems to try to find stuff in project_1

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Create a new empty project_2 project in preferred location, then copy all your source files from project_1 folder to project_2. Note: don't copy .idea folder, as it includes references to original project files. Note that for simplest projects (with a single .iml file) you can try the following:

- shut down WebStorm

- in file manager, copy the whole project_1 folder contents, including .idea, to project_2 folder

- cd to project_2/.idea folder,  rename project_1.iml to project_2.iml

- open project_2/.idea/modules.xml, rename all references to project_1.iml there


You can also search .xml files in `project_2/.idea` folder for `project_1` occurrences and rename them...


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