How to Build intellij-plugins repository?


I want to add something to Angular plugin and submit a pull request, but I'm not able to build it from the repo.

I'm wondering why all of the plugins live in a single repo! But that would be fine if I need to build all plugins altogether. 

All modules in the repository are marked as JAVA_MODULE. I expected them to be PLUGIN_MODULE.

Can anyone describe what is the correct way to build them?

P.S. I actually build angular plugin by manually changing JAVA_MODULE to PLUGIN_MODULE in the .iml file and adding required jar files (as shown in the picture below) into classpath (by guessing them!). But it throws runtime exceptions when I run it.



I'm very sorry for the delayed reply, but here are good news: I've just pushed build.gradle for the AngularJS plugin, so you should be able to compile and run it without extra effort. You can do New | Project from existing sources and select build.gradle inside AngularJS folder


Thank you so much.

I actually have added a feature for navigating between html templates of components (directives) directly from html templates via a gutter icon.
Here is a demo of what it looks like:

I can finalize it and create a pull request if you are interested. However I was not able to build the plugin from the master, because of some api problems. For example I think the class NpmPackageProjectGenerator does not exist in the last released version of Intellij platform SDK. Or even in the master branch of community edition.


Looks interesting, it would be great if you can finalise it.

NpmPackageProjectGenerator is only available in latest EAPs, however that problem should be solved by using Gradle build, it uses latest snapshot from IntelliJ Ultimate master


That's great. Thank you.

So I'm gonna create a pull request in next few days.



I submitted a pull request about three weeks ago.

Can you take a look?



I'm very sorry for the delayed reply, looks like I've missed it. Will post comments in PR


I understand that you are probably very busy, but is there any chance you can review my PR?


I'm terribly sorry, looks like I've messed up with new GH review UI. Comments should be visible now


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