Ok, we've lost the function keys


Apple just announced the new MacBook Pro's and they've thrown out the function keys (and Escape key!) and replaced them with the Touch Bar. So, we've lost touch typing function keys and escape key.

You can expose the function keys by holding down the 'fn' key, but that makes function key combos much tougher. So it looks like we need a new key map that eschews the function keys. Since that is a huge hit to the range of usable keys, I would suggest moving many of those functions to a command interface.

The one benefit to this is that the touch bar is programmable. So context sensitive features can be moved there (debug step over, etc.).

Official comment

Please share ideas/follow for updates here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-163208.

True, I'm sure that we'll come up with something to address these changes.


No 1 issue on my mind right now.

The new Touch Bar probably needs to be programmed by some new native API... so I'm guessing his could take a while to get it right (?)

Until then, analysing what Fn keys are actually needed most and remapping them to some other combo should not be too bad I think.

On the very bright side:

Just imagine the possibilities for development workflow.. if every context (editor pane, cursor on identifier, focus in terminal etc.) gets nice shortcuts in this new Touch Bar...


Really hope this will become a reality for IntelliJ users soon !


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