Focus The Task At Hand Like Mylyn


I saw someone doing something in eclipse today that looked quite useful.

When he switched tasks the Project Explorer view changed to only show the files related to that task.

See the (2nd) screenshot here to see more details of the difference of having focus on and off

I had a read about IDEAs Tasks and Contexts but it isn't really as useful.

I can sort of do it with scopes but they are a pain to configure.

e.g. there is no context menu in the Project or Version Control tool windows that says "Add files to scope". and the scopes are not bound to tasks.

To be honest I haven't found the tasks and contexts much use at all. In my workflow I add changelists in the VCS window to separate code from other files that might have changed and IDEA creates loads of Tasks and Contexts and I do nothing with them :(



Please check this request, I believe it is exactly for what you are looking for:


Wow. 5 year old request!

Binding contexts and scopes together so contexts aren't just open files then adding a couple of context menus would be enough to fix this I believe.


Bumping this just in case. I'm a Eclipse user and I'm having a hard time understanding why such a fantastic feature is still missing in an IDE which seems to have everything else. Just focusing the project tree view would be a great start, and I'm pretty confident it wouldn't be *that* difficult to implement, considering both tasks and scopes already exist on their own.

Not even attempting to switch until then; once you're used to task-focused UI you cannot come back.


Just a quick update to let you know that I developed a very basic "Focus on Active Task" plugin:

It adds a View menu entry to filter (toggle on and off) your Project view tree with the currently active task (open editor tabs, at least for now). The default shortcut is Ctrl+Maj+Q.

I will probably attempt to improve it by including Eclipse/Mylyn-like features such as Alt+clicking a tree node (to temporarily unfilter it), as well as handling more views/windows (not just Project, that is).

Please keep in mind it's a very young/work-in-progress plugin so it's probably got quite a few bugs; feel free to let me know if you find any!


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