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I am Pycharm user (commercial version) since months. I have made a Pycharm project involving several .py files doing some invisible logic (scientific calculations etc..) under the which defines a simple GUI (TKinter at the moment but to me it is not a must to use this module, it could be anything) which has a single button and invokes the forementioned calculations and prints in console output. It works the way I wish in Pycharm "run" mode. No DB involved. Python version 3.4.0.

Now the problem is that until a few days ago I didn't realize that Pycharm cant deploy projects in windows desktop applications. Assuming my previous experience with commercial IDEs for other programming languages, that should be "make a EXE, DLL, whatever" so that one can easily transfer installation file(s) to another WIndows PC without demanding from prospective application user to install anything particular in order to use the program. (My project is in prototype phase, which means, I want to present the simplest possible version with the simplest input-output design, with minimum effort for application user for the prototype version so far, leaving a more robust development (web deployment which I noticed Pycharm gives support for, through "deploy" menu) for later stages of development.

I have googled through a bunch of sites last week, discovering, installing and using solutions such as pyinstaller, cx_freeze, py2exe, I have tried different options using these tools, none was successful.  EXE files or MSI installer files simply dont work, resulting in different error messages.

Now I try to take a look from a higher perspective: hacking around with my Python files, different exe makers, in order to make a simple windows app prototype (as I said I even have no DB underneath) was not my idea of spending time, because I want to focus primarily on development and functionality.

So my question is: what do you suggest as a most practical way to make a portable application from my project that could be easily used by ordinary Windows users who know nothing about programming, Python etc...? All those EXE creators use only .py files, although Pycharm creates some extra folders and files in Project explorer. How can Pycharm help to do it most pragmatic and practical way, even if I have to make such compromise, such as make an installer which downloads Python for app user, or deploy a  rudimentary web app (Django?) from Pycharm, without additional demands on app user (only requirement should be having a web browser)?

Any suggestion, advice or concrete help would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance!


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> So my question is: what do you suggest as a most practical way to make a portable application from my project
Unfortunately PyCharm doesn't have such built-in tool, you're welcome to file a feature request about it to PyCharm issue-tracker:


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